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Gastric Balloon FAQ

All of your Gastric Balloon FAQ answered below by our team.

Gastric Balloon FAQ

How Much Weight Will I lose?

Because you feel full, there will be significant weight loss in the first six months while the balloon is in place. After this the balloon is removed. The amount you manage to keep off will depend on adapting to long-term lifestyle changes.  Clinical studies have shown clear results after six months with a research study in Brazil in 2004 recording average weight loss of 33lbs (15kg or 2st 5 lbs) among 323 patients while a European project in 2005 found that 2,515 patients lost an average 44lbs (20kg or 3st 2lbs).

Can The Gastric Balloon Leak?

This is extremely rare.The normal tell tale sign would be your urine changing to a greenish colour due to a non-toxic dye added to the saline in the balloon.

Can I Exercise?

Heavy activity is not recommended during the first week as the body adjusts to the balloon. But you can continue normal activities after that and a regular exercise programme is recommended to support your lifestyle changes.

How Does The Gastric Balloon Compare With Diet Programs?

Expect to lose more weight because you have that feeling of fullness, which makes it easier to control eating habits.

In one study of 130 overweight patients, the balloon patients had reduced their BMI by 6.1 compared to 2.5 on a conventional diet. After 18 months, the balloon patients averaged at a BMI reduction of 3.1 compared to 0.7 in the diet group.

What Happens When The Balloon Is Removed?

Removing the gastric balloon is a simple procedure with the balloon deflated and removed via endoscope under mild sedation.

What Happens After The Balloon Is Removed?

The support team continues to play a crucial role to ensure the weight loss and lifestyle changes are sustained.

Can I Drive Home After The Procedure?

Due to the mild sedation, it is not recommended that you drive home following the procedure. Instead, if possible, it is ideal to have someone take you home by car or taxi, which our receptionists can arrange for you. If you are planning on travelling home by yourself, please inform our staff members. They will ensure that you are fit to travel and can arrange a taxi for you. We do not recommend travelling home by yourself on public transport until the sedation has fully worn off.

How Much Does The Gastric Balloon Cost?

The gastric balloon costs £3,995 as part of a package that includes the initial consultation, balloon placing procedure, a nutrition and dietary information package and removal of the balloon after 6 months.

Have Another Question?

For anything not covered within our gastric balloon FAQ section we recommend contacting our GI Unit team that can help you with your question or book you in for an initial consultation with one of our weight loss specialists. You can email or call 020 7078 3802.

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